The starting point was when Essam Adly refrigerated warehouses,
    which were owned by his family, since 1979 in
    Alexandria, Egypt.

Silva started by selecting a group of experienced workers to guarantee a permanent distinguished level of production along with the best international criteria. Moreover, the unique geographic location of the  Egyptian fertile land along with the nicest weather throughout the year, ensure  your satisfaction. Our unique choice of our manufacturer which is located in the middle of infinite square-meter farms, in addition to its location on 4000 ton E.A refrigerated warehouses where we prevent any lack of time for storing products.

And Today with ISO 22000 2005 and OHASA 18001 2007 certificates

we are considered one of the best global refrigerated warehouse companies specialized
in IQF (Instant Quick Frozen) fruits and vegetables.

We aim at ensuring the full- satisfaction of our customers through :
• maintaining the highest possible standard with truly competitive prices.

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                          “ We are your hands on supply chain partner ”

      The highest quality of IQF from
      fruits and vegetables.
     Tasty recipes.
      Healthy living is worth
      the effort..

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